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Despite its reputation as an “environmental” leader, California remains one of the largest oil-producing states in the nation. Over five million Californians live less than a mile from an active oil well—with low-income communities and communities of color facing disproportionate health and safety impacts.

For decades, frontline communities across California, overwhelmingly low-income communities of color, have been leading the fight against the toxic oil industry that pollutes our air and threatens our health. As a growing body of public health data reaffirms the health impacts experienced by frontline communities living near an oil and gas well, we must urge elected leaders and policy-makers to show true leadership on environmental justice and put public health and safety first.

We demand the California Senate to protect the health and safety of communities by passing  AB 345, which would require the state to  establish a protective distance between oil drilling sites and homes, schools, childcare centers, healthcare facilities, and other sensitive locations.

We also urge the California Geologic Management Division (CALGEM) to establish a 2,500-foot health and safety zone between oil and gas drilling and our homes, schools and hospitals.

TAKE ACTION to urge the California State Senate & California Geologic Energy Management Division (CalGEM) to establish rules to protect public health and the environment from the impacts of oil and gas extraction.

We need CalGEM and the State of California to lead by phasing out oil production in places that are suffering most from the impacts of fossil fuel extraction. Create a 2,500-foot health-and-safety buffer zone that will stop fossil-fuel extraction close to homes, schools and other sensitive sites. Tell CalGEM, & the California State Senate that it’s time to protect health and safety


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For decades, California’s oil industry has been given a blank check to drill for health-threatening fossil fuels in the center of our communities, in our backyards, on school campuses and next to our parks. Over five million Californians living within a mile of an active oil well are exposed to carcinogenic chemicals, asthma attack-inducing emissions, and the threat of catastrophic accidents or explosions.

While California claims to be a leader on environmental action, California’s leaders and state regulators allowed the oil industry to sacrifice entire communities—with disproportionate impacts concentrated in low-income communities of color.
Every day, frontline communities across California continue to be exposed to toxic chemicals and emissions from the oil wells and refineries next door. California Geologic Energy Management Division (CalGEM), & CA Senate must establish rules to protect public health from the impacts of oil and gas extraction.

I urge CalGEM, & the CA Senate to phase out oil production in exposed communities by creating a 2,500-foot health-and-safety buffer zone between fossil-fuel infrastructure and homes, schools and other sensitive sites.