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The Howard County Council must vote "No" on the moratorium proposed in the anti-renewable solar energy bill, CB55-2019. Bill CB55-2019 will erode property owner’s rights and the halt local renewable solar energy deployment. Sign this petition telling the Howard County Council to vote "No" on Bill CB55-2019!

A moratorium penalizes local BGE Customers and landowners: CB55-2019 would stop the development of certain community solar projects in Howard County and reduce the number of customers who can sign up for community solar, have the opportunity to save money on their electric bills, and support our environment. Community solar projects threatened by this moratorium would serve an estimated 1,400 BGE customers. They would also give farmers who lease their land for solar new revenue they can reinvest back into their farmland.

A moratorium benefits fossil fuels: Community Solar projects threatened by this moratorium would avoid an estimated 349,145 metric tons of air pollution. Passing the moratorium prolongs our reliance on fossil fuels.

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Chesapeake Climate Action Network says community solar, "wouldn’t just be a victory for cleaner air and water. It would mean more economic investment…and a chance for many residents to see real savings on their electric bills."

By signing this petition, you’re telling the Howard County Council to move forward with Community Solar projects immediately by rejecting Bill CB55-2019. Tell the Howard County Council you support local residents, farmers and a healthier environment in your County.

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Bee Howard Solar is comprised of two community solar projects, Viceroy Solar and Metalmark Solar, proposed in Howard County, Maryland. These projects are supported by clean energy companies OneEnergy Renewables and CleanChoice Energy. Signers of this petition may be contacted in the future regarding solar energy products.

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I urge the Howard County Council to vote "No" on Bill CB55-2019, the proposed moratorium on community-based solar energy.

Nearly half of all Americans cannot enjoy the benefits of renewable solar energy. To give more residents access to clean energy, Maryland launched the Community Solar Pilot Program—a new way for Howard County residents to gain access to solar energy without a solar roof.

Bill CB55-2019 would halt these small, community-based solar projects, and prolong the county's reliance on dirty fossil fuels.

Community Solar projects proposed in Howard County would avoid nearly 349,145 metric tons of air pollution and give residents the opportunity to save money on their electric bills.These projects also give long standing Howard County resident farmers who host these projects a new source of stable revenue and help preserve Howard County farms from more permanent forms of development .

A moratorium could mean no community solar projects will be built in Howard County for the foreseeable future and threatens local landowners' rights to add a new revenue source to their land.

The Howard County Council must vote "No" on Bill CB55-2019.