Support for Resolving the State Scientists’ Pay Inequity Issue

Secretary Wade Crowfoot - California Natural Resources Agency


We have reached the time in bargaining where member action and support is crucial. The Governor is having conversations with his agency secretaries right now regarding the budget and, relatedly, employee compensation. It is imperative that we clearly demonstrate to the Administration that membership is united and active in their quest to resolve our salary issues. Please sign all of the petitions, and share with all your colleagues (scientists and engineers alike) immediately. Getting the secretaries to advocate on our behalf to the Governor will increase the bargaining team's chances of convincing CalHR to provide fair pay to all state scientists. We are aiming for 1,500 signatures by the end of the March, so the petitions can be sent on April 1.

Petition by
CAPS Member
Sacramento, California

To: Secretary Wade Crowfoot - California Natural Resources Agency
From: [Your Name]

We, the undersigned State Scientists and supporters of State Scientists, are seeking your support and request that you speak directly with Governor Newsom to urge him to take all necessary actions to expeditiously resolve the Bargaining Unit 10 pay inequity issue.

We appreciate your previous letter to the California Department of Human Resources (CalHR) conveying State Scientists’ value to your agency and to the State by requesting they work with Bargaining Unit 10 to “reaffirm California’s commitment to pay equity” and to “craft a new bargaining agreement that achieves equitable compensation.” But, throughout the bargaining process, CalHR has not indicated that they intend to implement your request. In a show of continued support, we request that you speak directly with Governor Newsom and urge him to take all necessary actions to provide pay equity to State Scientists and demonstrate that the State is an Employer of Choice.

State Scientists have learned that CalHR may not implement pay equity due to insufficient funds. However, recent financial analyses indicate that State revenues are more robust than ever, and the reserve accounts have been restored to their pre-pandemic levels. Any assertion that there are insufficient funds is not supported by any credible sources reporting on the State’s current financial situation. State Scientists should not have to negotiate pay equity when the State should simply comply with its own laws and policies that require the setting of salaries based on like pay for like work, comparability of the value of work for jobs where a higher proportion of women are employed than men, and maintaining appropriate vertical salary relationships.

With your help, Governor Newsom’s direction to CalHR and the Department of Finance to implement pay equity will ensure that scientists are equitably valued, and science is a priority of the Administration. State Scientists are relying on you, and request that you work directly with Governor Newsom to finally put an end to pay inequity.