Support Hamline University Contingent Faculty

Hamline University Administration

The Hamline University student newspaper took a strong stand in support of adjunct faculty with their editorial, "Adjuncts are professors too":

"We as students cannot tell the difference in the teaching quality between our adjuncts and full-time professors and believe that all of our professors deserve job security, benefits and decent wages."

Stand with the students of Hamline in calling on the university administration to commit to a position of neutrality as adjunct faculty seek to hold a free and fair election to form a union. The adjunct faculty at Hamline University are joining in a movement that has brought real gains, from pay raises to basic job security provisions, to faculty across the country who have formed unions. Adjuncts at George Washington University, Tufts, Georgetown, Montgomery College, Lesley University, Whittier College, and American University have found that in standing together, their collective voice has helped to improve both their working conditions and their student learning conditions.

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Adjunct Action
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To: Hamline University Administration
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We, the undersigned, support the right of adjunct faculty at Hamline University to form their union. As a community, Hamline has pledged an "ethic of social justice, civic responsibility, and inclusive leadership and service," so we ask that the administration remain neutral and not use student tuition funds or other college resources to oppose the unionization effort. We pledge to speak out against any intimidation or retaliation that may be a result of adjunct faculty invoking their right to organize, and we hope to see the administration model a response worthy of Hamline's mission, values, and vision.