Fight back against Big Alcohol and save lives!

Oregon State Legislature

Please sign this petition to demand the Oregon legislature take action to reduce underage and binge drinking AND finally provide funding to addiction recovery services!

As a compromise with the alcohol industry Rep. Tawna Sanchez has introduced HB 3377 which will require all stakeholders come together to develop a plan to raise Oregon's rock-bottom alcohol prices to reduce harmful consumption and fully fund prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery services in Oregon.

Oregon has the 3rd highest untreated addiction rate in the nation, the 4th highest alcohol use disorder rate, and ranks 47th in access to treatment. Despite alcohol being the 3rd leading cause of preventable death in the state and costing taxpayers $4.8 BILLION per year, Oregon's alcohol taxes have not been raised in 40 years, significantly reducing the state's ability to fund treatment and recovery services.

HB 3377 requires the establishment of a legislative task force that includes the alcohol industry, public health experts, treatment and recovery representatives, tribes and BIPOC organizations to produce draft legislation prior to the next legislative session (February 2022) that reduces excessive alcohol use by 15% and fully funds the Alcohol and Drug Policy Commission's (ADPC) Strategic Plan to address the addiction crisis.

Asking the Oregon Legislature to convene stakeholders to discuss, not “if” we should raise the price of alcohol, but “when” and by “how much” is the next right thing. Despite broad public support for raising prices, the alcohol industry--and the alcohol distributors who profit the most--will fight the idea of a bipartisan Task Force. We can’t match their political contributions but we can beat them with the support of you and everyone else who wants to end Oregon’s addiction crisis.

Please sign this petition urging your state legislators to support this critical task force to finally make Big Alcohol pay their fair share!

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Andrew Swanson
Portland, Oregon

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We urge you to stand up to Oregon’s alcohol industry. Alcohol is the third leading cause of preventable death in Oregon and alcohol-related deaths have increased 34% over the last 20 years. Despite these alarming statistics, the Oregon Legislature continues to prioritize the concerns of alcohol businesses over what’s best for Oregon families.

Please Support HB 3377, Rep. Tawna Sanchez's legislation which will establish a legislative task with the mandate to develop draft legislation by December 1, 2021, which reduces excessive alcohol use and fully funds the Alcohol and Drug Policy Commission's (ADPC) Strategic Plan to address the addiction crisis through alcohol tax and pricing strategies.

Excessive alcohol use costs taxpayers $4.8 BILLION per year. Despite this, Oregon has the lowest beer tax in the nation and the 2nd lowest wine tax, not having been raised or adjusted for inflation since 1977 and 1983 respectively. As a result of this disparity Oregon has the 4th highest rate of alcohol use disorder (AUD) and Oregon's prevention, treatment and recovery services are chronically underfunded. Alcohol continues to be the largest contributor to the state's woeful addiction rates.

As Oregonian voters, we urge you to prioritize the health and wellness of our communities over the alcohol industry profit margins by supporting this practical step in addressing Oregon's addiction crisis.