Support Kohler Workers

David Kohler, President & CEO, The Kohler Company

On November 15, almost 2,000 members of UAW Local 833 voted to go on strike at Kohler Company.

Why is this happening?

Five years ago, during threats of company cutbacks during the recession, the members of UAW 833 made concessions. A two-tier wage system was implemented, where newer employees are paid less than long-term workers. Workers faced wage freezes and increased health insurance costs.

Kohler’s workers have done their part.

Now, the economy is in a different place than it was five years ago. The company is strong. Times have changed. Kohler employees deserve and demand better.

We know that Kohler can afford to do better for the workers that have made the company strong and profitable. More than ninety-three percent of workers voted to go on strike, and we It’s time to end the practice of cutting wages and benefits for the middle class.

UAW workers are on the front line of negotiating for fair wages and benefits for middle-class families and we stand strongly with them in the struggle.

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To: David Kohler, President & CEO, The Kohler Company
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We the undersigned stand united in support of UAW Local 833 at Kohler Company.
We urge management to return to the negotiating table and negotiate a fair and just contract.