Support our bill to protect dingoes in NSW

James Griffin, NSW Environment Minister

Despite being an ecological and cultural keystone species, the dingo is the only native mammal in NSW not protected under the Biodiversity Conservation Act.

Every day, dingoes are shot and trapped by local councils and landholders. Even in national parks, dingoes are baited with deadly 1080, which causes a slow, agonising death that no animal deserves to suffer.

That's why I have introduced a bill to NSW Parliament that will outlaw the killing of dingoes. The Dingo Cultural Heritage and Protection Bill 2022 recognises that dingoes are vital to ecological biodiversity and have maintained a symbiotic partnership with First Nations people over thousands of years.

Please sign and share my petition today to tell NSW Environment Minister James Griffin that after 200 years of persecution, it's time for dingoes to be given the respect and legal protection they deserve.

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Dingoes should not be trapped, shot or baited with 1080.

They are cultural and ecological keystone species that deserve protection under NSW law, just like every other native mammal.

Dingoes appeared on the Australian continent sometime between 10,000 and 4,700 years ago and have evolved to become an apex predator crucial to our ecosystems' biodiversity. Dingoes are also animals of exceptional significance to Aboriginal culture, and are featured in stories, rock carvings and cave paintings. The dingo is also a totem animal for many Indigenous Australians, part of the Dreaming, and pervasive in lore and traditions.

This is why I have introduced the Dingo Cultural Heritage and Protection Bill 2022 to protect dingoes from any form of lethal control. The bill sets up a mechanism for the development of a dingo heritage management plan, which identifies the heritage value of dingo populations to First Nations people and sets out how that heritage value will be protected while also identifying the value of dingoes in regulating trophic cascades and maintaining biological diversity.

As the Minister responsible for the protection of wildlife, I urge you support this Bill.