Support PAMC Nurses

Administrators of Providence Alaska Medical Center

The Nurses at Providence Alaska Medical Center Need Your Support

Providence Alaska Medical Center made more money in 2016 than any other Providence hospital in the country. As a non-profit entity, Providence should be putting that money back into the hospital to support patient care. The money should be used to make sure that all units throughout the hospital are fully staffed with registered nurses.

Tell Providence to put patients before profits:

--Guarantee minimum nurse staffing levels at all times

--Break nurses to temporarily relieve unit RNs

--Fair compensation for improved nurse retention.

Our community deserves the best patient care possible.

To: Administrators of Providence Alaska Medical Center
From: [Your Name]

We, members of the Anchorage community, support Providence Alaska Medical Center registered nurses who are fighting for a fair contract that improves patient care quality, safety, and workplace standards. Safe nurse staffing levels and adequate support staff are critical to ensure high quality patient care.

To achieve this end, we call upon Providence to reduce turnover by creating a working environment where registered nurses are valued as professionals, where compensation attracts and retains the most talented nurses, and where decisions that affect patient care are made collaboratively.

The Anchorage community deserves nothing less.