Support Granite Bay & Roseville Students - Deny Pacific Charter School!

Roseville Joint Union High School District Board

Support Roseville Students!

All Granite Bay & Roseville students deserve high-quality neighborhood public schools! When we invest in resources, supports, and opportunities for our students, they thrive. Unfortunately, the Pacific Charter Institute (PCI) charter school chain is asking the Roseville JUHSD Board to approve a new 400+ student brick-and-mortar K-12 school in Granite Bay/Roseville.

Allowing this privately-run charter school to open in Granite Bay/Roseville will harm district students in Roseville JUHSD, Roseville City, Eureka Union, and Dry Creek schools. The Roseville JUHSD Board should reject the petition for ALL our students, especially as the school is applying to serve elementary and middle school students from other districts! Not only was this exact proposal recently rejected by the Folsom Cordova Unified Board, but the school is unlikely to be successful, and it will take critical resources away from all our current students. Our students cannot afford to lose more programs, more classes, and more support resources at a time when we are expanding educational opportunities in our own neighborhood public schools.

Please sign this petition to let the Roseville JUHSD Board know that you oppose this charter school petition and instead want them to focus on ensuring Roseville's high schools are as strong as possible for all our students, and allow our elementary and middle school district boards do the same for their students.

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All Granite Bay and Roseville students deserve high quality neighborhood schools, no matter their grade level or which school district they attend. When we invest in resources, supports, and opportunities for our students, they will thrive.

The Roseville JUHSD Board should reject the charter petition from PCI to open a new privately-operated K-12 brick-and-mortar charter school within the boundaries of Roseville JUHSD. The petition should be rejected because:
• PCI has NO experience running brick and mortar schools;
• PCI has a poor track record of enrolling students with special needs, English learners, and socioeconomically disadvantaged students, at the levels that reflect the districts where they are located.
• The addition of a 400 student TK-12 school in Granite Bay and Roseville will result in cuts to programs and services, high quality educators (including resource support specialists) that our students rely on.

The proposed charter school's petition to the high school district is misleading, as it will only enroll elementary and middle school-age students for the first two years, not adding ninth grade students until the 3rd year of operation. This will lead to a loss of revenue for Roseville City, Eureka Union and Dry Creek students of up to $5.3 million in the first three years alone -- which could lead to cuts to programs and services our students count on -- and those two school districts have no say as to whether the school is approved!

Pacific Charter Schools submitted an *identical* petition to Folsom Cordova Unified School District recently, and the FCUSD school board denied the petition. The charter law requires petitions to be written for the particular students the school is proposing to serve, and this petition was written for students in Rancho Cordova, not students in Roseville and Granite Bay. The petitioners have even indicated they plan to submit this petition in Yuba City and Elk Grove. Our students deserve more than a charter operator that thinks it can shop-around a cookie-cutter model that wasn't designed for Granite Bay and Roseville kids.

What Roseville-area students need and deserve is for our districts and educators to keep working hard to make ALL our schools strong, not undermine them by opening a new school. We call upon the Roseville JUHSD Board to reject this petition from PCI, and to refuse to make these kinds of vital decisions for students in districts other than Roseville JUHSD.