Support Safety On Summit

Saint Paul City Council

We are calling on the City of Saint Paul to construct protected bike lanes along Summit Ave. These lanes should run immediately curbside and then be separated from a parking lane by permanent bollards in a 2ft median. Outside of the parking will be the existing car traffic lane. We are also calling for every intersection, especially Summit Ave and Snelling Ave, to include striping for pedestrian and bike crossings, with leading pedestrian intervals and bicycle signals. This solution will provide safer and more accessible routes for cars, bicycles and pedestrians with minimal loss of lane for cars or parking.

We believe it’s far past time to make Summit Avenue safer for everyone who uses it.
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Summit Avenue is a major thoroughfare for all of Saint Paul. Commuters, visitors and neighbors travel Summit by car, bike and on foot. It's probably one of the most used roads by bicyclists in the city of Saint Paul.

It is not safe and it is time for that to change.

The signers of this petition request that the City of Saint Paul City Council take immediate action to construct protected bike lanes along Summit Avenue that would run its entire length curbside. This calls for switching the current bike lane with the parking lane and then constructing a 2 foot permanent median between the two.

Furthermore, each intersection along Summit should be appropriately striped for both pedestrian and bike crossings. At controlled intersections - leading pedestrian and bike indicators should be installed so that pedestrians and bicyclists have an opportunity to cross prior to car traffic. The intersection at Summit and Snelling in particular deserves additional attention and may even require redesign.

Our city boasts its livability and we have been making improvements elsewhere in the city to make safety improvements for cycling and pedestrians. Summit Avenue was one of Saint Paul's first bike lanes - it's time to improve it and finally make it safe for all the people who use it.