Support the Ash Street Tenants Association

Melanie Adrian and Erlin Taylor, A&G Rental Management

Sign this petition to ask A&G Rental Management to rescind their tenants' notice of a 40% rent increase, to commit to no more than a 5% rent increase until the end of the public school year, and to recognize and negotiate with the union!  

See the letter below to see what was delivered to A&G management by the Ash Street Tenants Association and members of Portland Tenants United on 8/17/19.    

To: Melanie Adrian and Erlin Taylor, A&G Rental Management
From: [Your Name]

A&G Rental Management,

In response to the notice issued on July 19th, requiring tenants to choose between termination of tenancy or a 12-month lease with a rent increase in excess of 40%, the tenants of 11940 Southeast Ash Street have formed a union, the Ash Street Tenants Association. We believe this is the only means of protecting our right to dignity, housing security, and safety in our homes.

The excessive and unjustifiable rent increase, levied in the midst of a burgeoning housing and homelessness crisis, is unconscionable. To pay the increase or be forced out of our homes will create long term financial destabilization for our families and puts us at risk of homelessness. Our children go to school in this neighborhood; by forcibly displacing them, you are undermining their educational success. A&G Rental Management is threatening the very fabric of our community and family life.

The increased rent is especially disturbing in light of A&G Rental Management’s neglect of our apartment complex. Repair and maintenance requests are regularly ignored, calls and emails go unreturned, garbage remains uncollected and regularly strewn about the property and stairwells, and used syringes can be found in common areas. Moreover, the area has an extremely high crime rate, including a daytime shooting in front of our complex earlier this summer. The proposed rent is simply unjustifiable.

To remedy, the Ash Street Tenants Association demands the following recourse:

1. Immediately rescind the notices issued on July 19th and agree to issue no further termination of tenancy notices or rent increases above 5% until June 16, 2017, the conclusion of the David Douglas School year.

2. Agree to meet with the Ash Street Tenants Association and Portland Tenants United to negotiate sustainable and fair ongoing terms of tenancy.

3. Immediately address our repair requests, including uncollected garbage, dangerous biohazards remaining on the property, security issues, and lack of essential services.

Please contact PTU through our Facebook page ( to acknowledge these requests and arrange a meeting.