Support the call for a NSW public sector wide strike

Mark Morey UnionsNSW Secretary, and affiliated public sector unions

To: Mark Morey UnionsNSW Secretary, and affiliated public sector unions
From: [Your Name]

Premier Dominic Perrottet and Treasurer Matt Kean have locked pay cuts for public sector workers into the budget for years to come. Lifting the pay cap from 2.5% to 3% falls far short of the official CPI of 7.3% - which is expected to rise further.

Even before the latest interest rate rises, which increase mortgage and rent payments by up to $15,000pa, research for Unions NSW showed the pay cap would leave the average public sector worker thousands of dollars worse off over the next three years.

Staff shortages are crippling our schools, hospitals and the broader public sector. If the NSW Government doesn't provide decent careers in essential work, public services will suffer. After two years of the pandemic, essential workers deserve more than just thanks and one-off payments.

The strike actions by nurses, teachers, transport workers, paramedics, and all public sector workers to date have been inspiring and show the way to end a decade of pay caps, privatisation and cuts.

The joint action by the two teachers’ unions shows that we are stronger when we act together. We need to escalate the level of strike action to increase the pressure on Perrottet and force the government to move. Labor has made some vague assurances, but no promises to pay wages at inflation or higher.

As a first step we the undersigned call on Unions NSW and public sector unions to organise a public sector wide strike and rally before the end of 2022