Support the South Tacoma Economic Green Zone!

City of Tacoma

Support Tacoma's first Economic Green Zone to protect the city's aquifer and public health by updating the groundwater protection code and creating new non-polluting land-use zoning.

As we all know, due to Global Warming, protection of fresh water will be critical.

As temperatures rise, less snowfall on Mt. Rainier means less run-off to the rivers which Tacoma relies on for one water source. Hot, dry summers (as we experienced last year, and are predicted to continue) mean we will be more and more dependent on the South Tacoma Aquifer.

The "South Tacoma Economic Green Zone" has a plan for new possibilities, moving away from allowing heavily-polluting industry in the middle of our urban area and above the groundwater aquifer.

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It's time for the city to reverse pollution, threats to the aquifer and environmental racism in South Tacoma, by supporting the South Tacoma Economic Green Zone and an updated Groundwater Protection Code!