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Lincoln Fowler, Ward Fowler and Paul Miller: the owners and founders of Colectivo Coffee

Colectivo Coffee is a coffee shop company based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with stores in Milwaukee, Madison, and Chicago. Founded and currently owned by Lincoln Fowler, Ward Fowler and Paul Miller, Colectivo Coffee prides itself on supporting the communities in which it is located.  

The workers of Colectivo formed the Colectivo Collective and have organized a union with IBEW Local 494 in Milwaukee and IBEW Local 1220 in Chicago In 2021, the workers of Colectivo won a federally administered union election. Under labor law - and over a generation of labor traditions - companies whose workers have chosen a union must begin bargaining with the union to reach a labor agreement, or contract.

So far, Lincoln Fowler, Ward Fowler, and Paul Miller have refused multiple requests by the union to come to the bargaining table and negotiate a contract.  This behavior is not in line with the values of Colectivo Coffee, and we are demanding that Colectivo bargain in good faith like they said they will.    

The workers have petitioned and rallied to demand that the owners come to the bargaining table, but the only response from Lincoln, Paul, and Ward has been stalling and legal obstruction.  

Please sign the petition below to send a message to Lincoln, Ward and Paul: stop stalling and negotiate with the union!  

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To: Lincoln Fowler, Ward Fowler and Paul Miller: the owners and founders of Colectivo Coffee
From: [Your Name]

I am concerned about the labor practices of your company, Colectivo Coffee. Every worker has the right to organize a union! The fact that the three of you will not begin negotiating a contract with the workers even after they won a fair, federally administered election is abhorrent.

It is time to respect democracy and accept the results of your employees' fair union election!

I urge you to honor your commitment to "respect the rules and bargain in good faith." After all . . . union coffee tastes better.

Please stop stalling!

In Solidarity,