Support the youth in fighting for their futures!


Youth who are fighting against the Climate Crisis are not supported by their schools. How can young people feel supported in their academics when their schools won't support their right to act and fight for their futures? We call on school districts to support the youth! Take down the barriers that make it difficult for students to take meaningful action!

Currently, schools refuse to allow students to attend field trips going to climate actions. Additionally, schools won't excuse students attending climate actions, even when parents ask for this excusal.

Please sign this petition to show these schools districts that this matters! That we are paying attention! And that the people demand they support our young people!

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San Francisco, California

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Dear Bay Area School Districts,
We are asking the following of you,

Support youth action for climate justice:

- Allow interested teachers to take students on optional field trips to climate justice actions.

- Students who go outside of class, and whose parents excuse them, to count that as an excused absence.

- Allow students who participated in a climate action to attend their normal after school program.

Stop investing in climate destruction and misinformation:

- Districts must call on CalSTRS to divest from fossil fuels and have their union delegations call on CTA to support divestment

As our asks grow and change we will update this petition.