Suspend Rent, Mortgage & Utility Payments During the Coronavirus Pandemic!

United States Congress

Businesses are closing and sending their employees home to curb coronavirus infections. 47 million could lose their jobs within weeks! Now, our families are going to have to figure out how to pay rent, mortgages, and utility bills. If folks don’t pay, they could lose their homes or have their power shut off—during a pandemic!

But Congress can prevent this housing catastrophe by freezing rent, mortgage, and utility payments. Join us to urge our nation's leaders to take action now.

To: United States Congress
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With each passing day, the housing crisis related to the COVID-19 pandemic grows increasingly worse. It is impacting tenants and homeowners across the country.

We call on Congress to implement an immediate suspension of rent, mortgage, and utility payments, and a full moratorium on evictions/foreclosures until this public health crisis has subsided.