Suspend the Officer(s) who Killed Donnie Sanders

KCPD Chief Rick Smith

On Friday, March 13, 2020 Donnie Sanders, 47, was killed by a Kansas City Police Officer. He was unarmed. In two previous Kansas City police officer shooting deaths of Cameron "C.D." Lamb (December 2019) and Terrence Bridges, Jr. (May 2019), the officers were 1) never publicly identified by name and 2) back on patrol in nine days or less, before any case clearing by an authority outside of KCPD. It is at the discretion of the Chief of Police to keep an officer suspended, benched, etc. and nine days is not long enough for the Prosecutor or even the police to complete a thorough investigation. We DEMAND that the officer or officers who shot Mr. Sanders be publicly identified and that they remain inactive until the prosecutor's office has had an opportunity to review the case.

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Kansas City, Missouri

To: KCPD Chief Rick Smith
From: [Your Name]

On March 13th, officers under your command shot and killed another unarmed man, Donnie Sanders, in our community.

In your time as Chief, you placed officers who killed Terrence Bridges, Jr., and Cameron Lamb back to work in a matter of nine days or less, before a thorough review of the cases. The shooting of Cameron Lamb (Dec. 3, 2019) is still under review by the prosecutor's office. The officer could get indicted and he has been back patrolling for three months. Your over confidence in your officers gives us great pause as a community. We do not know any of these officers' names: we don't even know if the same officer has shot more than one person.

This community deserves better. We demand that you use your discretion to bench any officer who has shot a person until the case has been reviewed by an outside entity. In this case, we demand to know the name of the officer or officers who killed Mr. Sanders and that they remain suspended from active duty until the case has been cleared or an indictment handed down by the Jackson County Prosecutor's Office.