SWTA Demands SBUSD #MakeItSafeNow

South Bay Union School District Governing Board

The SBUSD Governing Board must commit to the health and safety of educators and students by ensuring a Reopening MOU that establishes clear COVID 19 prevention and mitigation standards for the reopening of school buildings.

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To: South Bay Union School District Governing Board
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The teachers, specialists, social workers, psychologists, SLPs, and nurses of Southwest Teachers Association demand the SBUSD commit to scientifically supported safety standards to ensure school building reopening is as safe as possible for students and staff.

These standards include:

* Mandatory 6 feet physical distancing
* Appropriate & necessary PPE for all staff, including 3-ply masks and N 95 masks
for high risk assignments
* Cleaning between cohorts
* MERV 13 and/or HEPA air purifiers
* Updated CAL-OHSA Injury Illness Prevention Plan for COVID 19
* Regular testing of students and staff
* Transparency on reopening metrics for the community
* A hybrid model that prioritizes safety while ensuring teaching and learning is
manageable for students and staff

SWTA's bargaining team proposed safety language in October, yet the District's bargaining team has made little movement, and, in some cases, has made regressive proposals. Regarding bargaining, the District's lead negotiator, Janea Marking stated at the February Board meeting, "We do not want to establish rigid boundaries because [the guidance] is always changing."

The truth is, we have known for months what public health experts say are the key mitigation strategies to prevent COVID 19 transmission in our school buildings. These are the same standards SWTA initially proposed, and has continued to demand! The SBUSD bargaining team simply does not want to commit to an MOU outlining these standards because they would then be accountable for adhering to, and enforcing them at each school site.

SBUSD Governing Board, as trustees of our District, you have the power to #MakeItSafeNow for your students, your staff, their families, and the SBUSD community. Tell your bargaining team to come to prepared with a proposal that demonstrates a commitment to #SafetyFirst!