Tell T-Mobile to Change Its Policies to Stop Sexual Harassment

T-Mobile and German Chancellor, Angela Merkel

Angela Aggnis was forced to quit her customer service job at T-Mobile after reporting unwanted and inappropriate sexual advances from her coach. She was instructed not to talk about it to anyone or risk being fired. We need the German government, which owns a stake in T-Mobile, to demand that the company stop maintaining unlawful policies that silence people on the job.

Sign our petition asking the German government to take action and get T-Mobile to change its unlawful policies that silence workers.

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To: T-Mobile and German Chancellor, Angela Merkel
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T-Mobile has violated U.S. labor law by forbidding workers who have filed complaints to discuss their cases and overall working conditions with co-workers. I am calling on T-Mobile to inform all of its employees that they have the right to speak about incidents affecting their safety or ability to perform duties, including sexual harassment at work. I am calling on the German government to ensure international subsidiaries of state-owned companies take the muzzle off their employees.