Take action to build on our huge win for climate justice in Eugene!

Mayor Vinis & Eugene City Councillors

Last month, our coalition won a huge victory in the fight for a Fossil Free Eugene.

Eugene City Council voted to forward two motions to direct staff to begin exploring concrete policies to get our community off of fracked gas, and to clean, renewable electricity. This is because of the powerful grassroots organizing that we have been doing in our community to create a safer, more sustainable and more equitable future for the city.

This good news doesn’t mean that our fight is over. In fact, it is just beginning.

Can you take action to thank the Eugene City Council, and to encourage them to move quickly to pass concrete ordinances to transition buildings in our city off of fossil fuels?

Please add your name to and share the petition below.

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Breach Team
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Eugene, OR

To: Mayor Vinis & Eugene City Councillors
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Dear Mayor Vinis and City Council members,

Thank you for your vote to forward the two motions introduced at last week’s work session. This is a huge first step on the way to creating a fossil free eugene and a more just and sustainable future for our city. That said, we still believe that it is critical for council to move forward with an ordinance as quickly as possible, and not allow the industry to continue to delay climate action and cast doubt on what is settled science about the environmental and economic benefit that comes from electrification.

After another summer of historic wildfire, drought, and deadly heat waves, and in light of the IPCC’s most dire report yet about the state of the climate crisis, now is the time for the City of Eugene to pass concrete policy to decarbonize our buildings. Now is the time to pass a ban on new gas hook ups, and to begin working towards retrofitting existing buildings with an emphasis on supporting low-income and BIPOC and historically marginalized communities in the transition off of fossil fuels. Thank you again for forwarding two motions at the November 17th work session, which are critical first steps to transitioning our city off of fossil fuels.

Thank you for your consideration.