Petition Opposing Talon Metals Nickel Sulfide Ore Mine Subsidy without Indigenous Consent and Environmental Protection

US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm

Stop toxic mine subsidies! Require Indigenous consent and environmental review

On August 15, Honor the Earth joined 80 organizations in sending a letter to the Biden Administration calling on them to withhold their premature subsidy for the proposed Rio Tinto - Talon Metals sulfide nickel mine on Anishinaabe land in Minnesota. Read the letter here:

Add your voice today! Tell US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm to withhold the federal subsidy for the time. This project must not proceed at the expense of Indigenous and rural communities, land, and water.

To learn more about the Rio Tinto - Talon Metals mine proposal in Minnesota visit our website:
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To: US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm
From: Lisa Ornsten

Dear Secretary Granholm,

Strategies to address climate change must neither sacrifice the rights of rural and Indigenous communities nor short-circuit the scientific analysis needed for environmental protection.

Please withhold the $115 million DOE subsidy for Talon Metals/Rio Tinto nickel-copper-cobalt sulfide ore mine processing unless and until comprehensive federal and state environmental review, tribal consultation, and permitting are completed for the mine project and Indigenous consent secured. Support federal funding for in-depth U.S.G.S. and tribal study of hydrology and impacts of Talon mine pollution and dewatering before environmental review is completed.