Tell AT&T: Cut ALL ties with One America News

AT&T CEO John Stankey

Last October, an explosive report revealed that One America News (OAN) – the Trump-approved, ultra-conservative cable “news” network – exists largely thanks to AT&T. [1]

Not only was AT&T responsible for 90% of OAN’s revenue – but AT&T executives allegedly approached OAN’s founder and encouraged him to start the network, saying the company wanted to add a Fox News competitor to its collection.

In response to these revelations, more than 120,000 Common Cause members signed a petition urging AT&T to cut ties with One America News (OAN). And now, AT&T has announced that it will DROP OAN from its DirecTV platform when its contract expires this spring.

This decision will drastically limit OAN’s reach, and with it, its ability to spread dangerous disinformation about the integrity of our elections – lies that incited a deadly attack at our Capitol last January and hundreds of anti-voter bills in states.

This is a major victory in our fight against election disinformation – but more must be done. AT&T has, through a number of financial entanglements and quid pro quo agreements, been instrumental in OAN’s success. Now, the company must publicly commit to terminating their relationship altogether.

AT&T is clearly listening to consumers. If you agree that the company should cut all financial and business ties with One America News, add your name today.


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Washington, DC

To: AT&T CEO John Stankey
From: [Your Name]

The conspiracy theories that One America News (OAN) spreads day after day have had harmful real-life impacts – from the deadly January 6th insurrection to the widespread voter suppression campaign being spearheaded by far-right operatives in states across the country. By removing OAN from DirecTV, AT&T has taken a big step to combat this harmful disinformation.

Now, we urge AT&T to finish what it has started – and sever all financial and business ties with OAN.