Tell AT&T: Stop funding Trump's favorite "news" channel

AT&T CEO John Stankey

One America News -- the Trump-approved, far-right “news” network known for spewing dangerous disinformation about our election integrity and COVID-19 -- exists largely thanks to AT&T, according to shocking new reports.

Not only is AT&T responsible for 90% of OAN’s revenue -- but AT&T executives allegedly approached OAN’s founder and encouraged him to start the network, saying the company wanted to add a Fox News competitor to its collection. [1]

The harmful disinformation that OAN spreads all day long has had tragic impacts, from the violent attack on our Capitol on January 6th to the death of countless Americans who were misinformed about COVID-19. AT&T should be ashamed that it invested in -- and continues to profit from -- a disinformation vehicle that fuels hate and real-world violence.

The cable provider is trying to claim that it treats OAN like any other network, but a new investigation from Reuters reveals that:

- OAN was created at the behest of AT&T executives.
- When AT&T wanted to buy DirecTV, OAN’s founder agreed to lobby FCC commissioners on AT&T’s behalf in exchange for a channel on DirecTV.
- OAN promised to cast AT&T in a “positive light” when covering the DirecTV merger in newscasts.
- AT&T is OAN’s largest distributor -- and their deal makes it nearly impossible for any other cable provider to pick up the network.

In short, through a number of financial entanglements and quid pro quo agreements -- AT&T has been instrumental in the success of Donald Trump's favorite cable news channel. And unless AT&T hears from consumers like you and me, it will continue to fund the network that has fueled an insurrection, dozens of voter suppression bills, and the proliferation of disinformation related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

AT&T must do better -- lives depend on it. If you agree, add your name today.


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Washington, DC

To: AT&T CEO John Stankey
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Explosive new reports claim that AT&T has been integral in the creation and success of One America News -- a network that, through the spread of harmful lies about the 2020 election and COVID-19, has repeatedly put the health and safety of the American people in jeopardy.

AT&T must be held accountable for its role in building and bankrolling OAN. We call on AT&T to cut all ties with this network -- and to stop aiding the proliferation of deadly disinformation for a profit.