Tell Biden Administration to Repeal the Gag Rule & Strengthen Title X

United States Health & Human Services Department

When the Trump-Pence administration implemented the Domestic Gag Rule in 2019, they attacked access to abortion as well as affordable birth control & preventive care. The Gag Rule devastated the country's family planning network by forcing out family planning experts who also offered abortion care, which left many patients stranded without access.

The public comment period is open until May 17th to change the Title X federal family planning eligibility and program regulations. We need YOU to submit a comment to HHS calling on them to fully repeal the Domestic Gag Rule *and* strengthen investment in the federal family planning program.

You can personalize your comment with your own story of accessing family planning programs and the importance of keeping this care affordable & meaningfully accessible in every state!

Please note that GRR! will forward your comments to This means all comments become part of the public record and will be posted online by the federal agency once they have been reviewed. By submitting this form, you give GRR! permission to share your note on social media or with media organizations, including your first name and state.

To: United States Health & Human Services Department
From: [Your Name]

I am calling on your department to repeal the harmful changes to Title X implemented by the Trump-Pence administration--collectively known as the Domestic Gag Rule. These changes undermined a longstanding, bipartisan and successful program designed to improve health outcomes, economic security and quality of life for low-income Americans.

The Gag Rule led to funding crises for providers of affordable sexual & reproductive health care services, resulting in the withdrawal of many providers from the program. The lowered access to essential services like birth control, wellness exams, STI testing & treatment and preventive screenings have overwhelmingly impacted low-income, Black, Brown, Indigenous and LGBTQ+ communities. These are populations who already experience barriers to healthcare access due to historical & ongoing systemic oppression.

In addition to restoring the pre-Trump regulations for the Title X program, I urge you to invest the federal resources necessary to ensure our country has a robust and sustainable family planning program for decades to come.