Stop New LNG Exports!

President Biden and Secretary of Energy Granholm

We’re calling on President Biden and the Department of Energy to stop the biggest build out of fossil fuels in US history: the construction of over 20 new LNG export facilities that could add the equivalent emissions of 675 coal-fired power plants.

Just one of these facilities, CP2, would cause 20 TIMES as much carbon pollution as the Willow Project in Alaska.

To help, sign this petition calling on DOE to to stop CP2 and all new LNG permit approvals until they look at the impact of these facilities on our communities, the climate, and US energy prices.

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To: President Biden and Secretary of Energy Granholm
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Dear President Biden and Secretary Granholm,

We write to urge the Department of Energy (DOE) to stop the CP2 project and all new LNG exports until it updates how it determines whether new licenses are truly in the public interest.

Sending U.S. energy resources to other countries drives up prices for American families and businesses at home and now is not the time to be driving up energy costs even more.

It is critical that DOE assess the climate, environmental justice, and consumer impacts when determining whether exports are in the public interest, especially as the agency considers its current pipeline of nearly 20 LNG export projects under review.

Analysis from the Sierra Club has found that lifecycle emissions of all existing and proposed LNG export terminals would be equivalent to 675 coal plants annually, putting domestic and global climate targets out of reach.

Increased LNG exports also have significant ramifications for environmental justice communities as the impacts of climate change fall most heavily on low-income communities and communities of color. These polluting projects are often proposed in communities that already bear the burden of heavy industry and are on the frontlines of the bigger hurricanes and storms caused by climate change. That is unacceptable.

With the agency’s pending decision on the CP2 export application, in particular, the stakes could not be higher. Please do the right thing and stop approving these projects that hurt our climate, communities, and economy.