Tell Biden Refugees Are Always Welcome

Biden Administration

We welcome the steps that the Administration has taken to welcome refugees, but there is still a long way to go. This Administration must stand with all refugees and migrants fleeing conflict, violence, and persecution. All refugees, regardless of where they come from, deserve long term safety and protection. The United States has the power to be a champion of pro-refugee legislation and support new Americans as they look to become a part of our communities. Join the petition to say loud and clear to the Administration that 1. ALL REFUGEES ARE WELCOME HERE, 2. We cannot discriminate in our response to humanitarian crises and wars, and 3. We must respond swiftly and comprehensively to meet the needs of refugees, displaced peoples, stateless peoples, and asylum seekers – all of whom we have confirmed commitments to help.

To: Biden Administration
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We want to thank the Administration for the efforts taken to welcome refugees and create pathways for those seeking protection to become part of our communities. However, there are still more steps that POTUS and the Administration can take to champion po-refugee legislation and support new Americans to become a part of our communities. The United States should continue to confirm commitments and legal obligation to aid and protect the individuals and families seeking protection and wishing to create a life in this country. We recommend the following steps that the Administration should immediately take to rebuild and strengthen the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program and meet the ongoing and present need of the growing global refugee population.

1. Place an emphasis on long term protection over temporary protection programs. It has become clear that there is a growing emphasis on temporary resettlement and stays rather than long term solutions. The DHS private sponsorship initiative has allowed at-risk individuals to enter the U.S. under a temporary protection program, but then places them in limbo where their status is under the constant need for renewal. Individuals and families who have fled violence, disaster, war, and climate catastrophe deserve the opportunity to rebuild and find permanent safety. The introduction of humanitarian parole is not enough to offset the lack of permanent safety for asylum seekers and displaced persons. Currently, it only allows a limited number of asylum seekers to enter the U.S. temporarily, regardless of situations that increase global need. Meanwhile, Title 42 forces people to remain in danger while awaiting their legal right to seek protection in the U.S.. This administration should not be repeating the policies of the previous administration’s work to undermine the right of asylum, resulting in unwarranted asylum denials, prolonged detention, family separations and permanent limbo for refugees barred from their legal right to seek safety. The administration should expand permanent pathways to protection and fully restore the right to seek asylum to ensure stability and dignity for all those seeking protection in the United States.

2. Expand refugee processing inside and outside the U.S. To meet urgent protection needs and to resettle as many refugees as possible in FY 2023, the administration must strengthen adjudication capacity to increase the number of refugees we can process to the United States. This should include hiring and training additional USCIS refugee officers, increasing the number and duration of circuit rides with trained staff, scheduling robust circuit rides as soon as possible, expanding Resettlement Support Center (RSC) capacity, (re)opening international offices, and expanding the USRAP pipeline to include additional NGO and DOS Embassy referrals. Individuals and families waiting years to be resettled should not have bureaucratic processes preventing them from finally being reunited with loved ones or finding permanent safety of the first time

3. Uphold the values that shape America. The Administration must continue to uphold America's values of welcoming those facing discrimination, violence, and danger. We must ensure that our immigration, asylum, and refugee resettlement policies are grounded in compassion, fairness, and respect for human rights. Immigrants and refugees play a crucial role in driving economic growth, enriching our culture, and contributing to our society. Our immigration policies must reflect our gratitude and support for the wellbeing of these individuals by providing a clear path to citizenship for immigrants, protecting the rights of refugees and asylum-seekers, and prioritizing family reunification. Upholding America's values with regards to immigration requires rejecting xenophobic and discriminatory rhetoric and policies, and instead embracing a vision of a welcoming and inclusive society that celebrates our diversity and strengthens our democracy.