Tell Brian Kemp: Stop Suppressing Georgia Voters!

GA Secretary of State Brian Kemp

53,000 eligible Georgia voters could have their rights taken away -- we need to speak out now. We'll deliver your signatures on Monday.

Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp -- who is running for Governor this year -- is holding up tens of thousands of new voter registrations, endangering those voters’ right to be heard.

Previously, Kemp has pushed to close rural polling places and purged legitimate voters from the rolls. Now, he’s holding up 53,000 new voter registrations from being processed. An Associated Press study found that most of these registrations belong to Black voters, who may not be notified that their right to vote is in jeopardy.

Under Georgia’s needlessly strict “exact match” rule (which most states don’t use), if someone’s information on their registration application isn’t exact -- for example, if the voter left out a hyphen in their name -- the entire registration can be thrown out.

Kemp says he’ll let citizens vote so long as the information on their photo IDs substantially matches up with what’s on the registration applications. But policies like this shouldn’t even be on the books. And if any of these 53,000 individuals don’t show up at this midterm, they risk their application and registration status being purged altogether.

That’s unacceptable. These Georgians followed the rules to do their civic duty -- and the state is STILL trying to prevent them from exercising their constitutional right to vote.

The right to vote and make our voices heard is fundamental to our democracy. Every eligible voter should have a say in the people and policies that determine the future for their families, community, and country.

We’ve already seen how widespread outrage and activism can make real change in Georgia -- like when our efforts forced the local board of elections to keep each and every polling place in Randolph County open, despite threat of shutdowns. Now, we need a nationwide outcry to tell Brian Kemp that it’s his duty to let every eligible voter have their say -- sign our petition to be delivered to Kemp on Monday.

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Georgia’s Secretary of State -- and GOP candidate for Governor -- Brian Kemp is wrongfully holding up 53,000 voter registrations. Every eligible Georgia voter deserves a say -- and this voter suppression scheme is a blatant attack on our rights.