Tell candidates we need Medicare for All!

West Virginia 2018 Congressional candidates

The American healthcare system leaves tens of thousands of West Virginians uninsured or unable to afford healthcare. And our current Congress is trying to move in the wrong direction, by threatening to end the expanded Medicaid program and enact over a trillion in cuts to Medicare and Medicaid over the next decade.

We need representatives in Congress who understand that healthcare is a human right, and who will fight to make sure that all West Virginians can get the healthcare we need.

Sign this petition to ask the candidates seeking to represent us in Congress whether they will support Medicare for All and stand up for the right of all West Virginians to have healthcare!

To: West Virginia 2018 Congressional candidates
From: [Your Name]

Dear West Virginia Congressional candidates,

I urge you to support a "Medicare for All" universal healthcare system. 

Thousands of West Virginians are uninsured or unable to afford healthcare. Workers’ contributions to health insurance premiums have gone up 4 times faster than wages since 2000, and medical costs are the leading cause of personal bankruptcy. This is a disgrace in the wealthiest country in the world.

We need a universal healthcare system that would ensure that everyone can get the healthcare they need - and we need politicians who are willing to stand up to the insurance and pharmaceutical industries to make it happen.

If elected, will you promise to fight for Medicare for All?