Tell Cargill, Bunge, JBS to act to stop deforestation in Latin America

Cargill, JBS, Bunge

The Amazon is burning, pristine wetlands are being damaged, and critically important habitats are being destroyed. And all for one purpose - to make rich companies even richer.

Cargill, Bunge, and JBS are corporate behemoths driving the global industrial agriculture system. It’s a system designed to convert large swaths of the planet into chemically-dependent monocultures to produce cheap meat, palm oil, and chocolate.

But there’s a big problem. These companies are happy to snap up commodities like soy or Latin American beef, but they don’t ask the right questions about where it comes from – including from deforested land.

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To: Cargill, JBS, Bunge
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The commercial drive for profit has meant that more and more farmers in Brazil are slashing and burning pristine and precious forests to feed these corporate giants. Cargill & co. quietly do everything they can to make it easier for them: buying, exporting, processing, and selling to your favourite supermarket.

We know their executives hate publicity. When we put the face of Cargill’s CEO on a big report outlining his company's role in deforestation, we received a barrage of complaints from this giant corporation. When we use our collective power to shine a light on these shadowy corporations, it works.