Tell Citibank: Do Right by Palestinians & Haitians

Sunil Garg, CEO Citibank, N.A

Citibank is a partner in the ongoing oppression of Palestinians and a partner in the active genocide we are witnessing in Gaza.

This is not the first time Citibank has played an active role in military violence and occupation.

Citibank instigated a violent, decades-long U.S. occupation of Haiti in 1915, leading to unimaginable suffering for the Haitian people and enormous profits for Citibank.¹

It is unacceptable that Citibank has never acknowledged or taken responsibility for the harm it caused to Haitians.

It is unacceptable that with the rise of a new ultra-right-wing government, Citibank has legitimized it by taking meetings with the extremist anti-Palestinian Finance Minister, Bezalel Smotrich² just days after he called for the destruction of a Palestinian village.³

Citibank, a single institution, is involved in two historic oppressions, denying freedom to both Haitians and Palestinians.

We demand that Citibank:
  1. Provide comprehensive financial reparations to the Haitian people as the primary U.S. banking institution that stole from Haiti and prompted U.S. occupation.⁴

  2. Cease sponsoring the Israeli government's relentless land theft and occupation of Palestinians as the largest U.S. bank operating in apartheid Israel.⁵

Sign our letter to Citibank.


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We call on Citibank to provide full financial reparations to the Haitian people, and stop their effective sponsorship of the oppression of Palestinians.