Tell Congress: Fund Emergency Zika Response, Not CEO Tax Breaks

US Congress

President Obama has requested $1.9 billion from Congress to fund an emergency response to combat Zika – a virus that is causing crippling birth defects.

Three months later, conservatives in Congress have still blocked the funding because they claim they want to “pay for it and not add to the national debt.” And yet in December, Congress passed a $400 billion corporate tax cut that they didn’t “pay for.”

This is the most extreme example of skewed priorities favoring the wealthy and big corporations over the public health.

Please, stand with Americans for Tax Fairness in demanding that Congress act immediately to fully fund the Zika emergency response. If it must be paid for then close the “stock options loophole,” which benefits corporate CEOs and costs the American taxpayer $2.5 billion a year.

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Over three months have passed since President Obama requested $1.9 billion to fund the Zika emergency response. We demand that you fully fund this critical public health need and pay for it by closing the “stock options loophole” that benefits corporate executives while costing the American taxpayer $2.5 billion a year. You should be shielding the American people from public health threats, not shielding corporate tax loopholes from long-overdue reform.