Tell Congress: Make Monthly Child Checks Permanent!


Congress expanded the child tax credit this year, giving parents up to $300 a month per kid! These ‘child checks’ will be a game-changer for millions of struggling families, but we all know the bills won’t stop in December.

That’s why some Democrats are pushing to make the expanded child tax credit permanent — that would mean $250-$300 every single month for most families with kids under 18! This would help tens of millions of kids thrive and cut child poverty almost in HALF.

Congress is deciding right now whether to extend child checks FOR GOOD and we need to show there’s massive public support for this proposal. Sign the petition now calling on Congress to act quickly to make child checks permanent.

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We urge you to make the expanded child tax credit permanent. Giving families monthly payments of up to $300 for each kid will cut child poverty in half. Millions of families across the country are struggling to afford food, rent, child care, and other opportunities for their children. Those struggles won’t end in December. The time for urgent action is now.