Tell Congress: Protect Privacy

The United States Congress

Privacy is a fundamental human right and essential to democracy. Everyone deserves protection from surveillance, as well as the freedom to build tech tools that preserve privacy by design. It’s time for the 118th US Congress to deliver well-informed and thoughtful policies for a pro-privacy future.

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There is a stark need for collaboration and dialogue between lawmakers and developers of privacy tools to bring forward well-informed, thoughtful, and productive policy that promotes human rights and the evolution of the internet. I am writing to encourage you to take a bold stance for a pro-privacy future and proudly reaffirm the right to privacy and the right to code by:

1. Ensuring constitutional and human rights are protected online and offline.
The simple act of writing code is protected speech and should be defended in all circumstances. Fear of prosecution has a continued chilling effect on the creation and use of privacy-preserving tools. Oppose any and all attempts to criminalize building and using privacy tools or the simple act of writing or running code.

2. Working to identify and correct power imbalances.
Now more than ever, online spaces that are not owned or controlled by a single person are needed to protect user privacy. Individuals and communities should have tools that give us power over our online experience and encouragement to develop tools like platform cooperatives to ensure our privacy isn’t traded away for profit. Any legislation that further entrenches Big Tech by making it harder to build community-owned alternatives should be a non-starter.

3. Champion privacy protecting capabilities such as end-to-end encryption.
Encryption and anonymity are essential to protecting privacy here at home, as well as globally. Governments around the world are attacking the right to privacy through anti-encryption efforts in order to get access to more user data. It is time to turn this pro-surveillance, anti-freedom tide.

4. Safeguarding data privacy and security.
For too long, corporations have run roughshod over our personal data, subjecting us to surveillance, identity theft, discrimination, and harassment. The world needs new tools that allow people to control their personal data, and the US should continue its tradition of building them. Craft and pass long overdue legislation focused on protecting people’s privacy and cracking down on government and commercial surveillance.