Tell Congress: STOP Trump’s raid on Social Security funding!


Donald Trump has acted unilaterally to terminate Social Security’s dedicated funding, which he calls the payroll tax.

As economic stimulus, Trump’s approach makes no sense. Defunding Social Security delivers the most money to the wealthy and powerful while providing nothing to those who need it most, such as the millions who have lost their COVID unemployment benefits, or still face eviction.

Defunding Social Security leaves out tipped workers, employees who lose shifts because of the economic slowdown, or people who lose their jobs entirely. Cutting Social Security contributions by definition only helps people who still have a regular paycheck.

Every member of Congress must go on the record to denounce Trump’s attacks on our Social Security system!

To: Congress
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Donald Trump’s executive order, instructing the Treasury Department to stop collecting payments into Social Security, raids Social Security’s dedicated funding and threatens the economic security of millions of seniors and people with disabilities. Congress must take action to stop Trump’s raid!