Tell Congress to Act Now and Avert Drastic Spike in Medicare Part B Costs


If Congress does not act soon, the Medicare Part B premium and deductible are expected to increase significantly for older adults and people with disabilities in 2016. The premium could increase to $159 per month for 30 percent of people with Medicare, and the deductible could increase to $223 for every person with Medicare.

The Medicare Rights Center, the Alliance for Retired Americans, Social Security Works, and 67 other organizations representing people with Medicare, health insurers, federal employees, and others are urging swift Congressional action to prevent this unprecedented hike in Part B costs. We need your help if we are going to stop this from happening.

Half of all Americans with Medicare have annual incomes of $24,150 or less. Many older adults and people with disabilities simply cannot shoulder additional health care expenses.

If Congress doesn't act soon, many people with Medicare will be forced to pay higher health care costs when they can least afford them.

Stand with us in supporting a comprehensive and affordable Medicare program.

To: Congress
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Please act now to prevent increases in the 2016 Medicare Part B premium and deductible. Many older adults and people with disabilities are living on low- and fixed incomes, and simply cannot afford additional health care costs.