Tell Congress: Trump’s infrastructure plan is a scam, and a pipe dream.

All Members of Congress

Trump’s proposal is not a serious plan to repair our crumbling infrastructure. Here’s why:

  1. Trump’s plan would spend just $200 billion of federal money, in the hopes of attracting another $1.3 trillion more from state, local and private funds, such as banks.

  2. Trump’s new budget doesn’t even provide $200 billion in new money. Instead, it cuts $240 billion from planned infrastructure projects.

  3. Just weeks ago, Trump and Paul Ryan rammed through a massive $1.5 trillion tax cut that mostly benefits the rich and big corporations. That’s who needs to be paying to rebuild our infrastructure!

As Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio said: “Accounting gimmicks don’t build bridges.” That’s because Trump’s $1.5 trillion proposal doesn’t provide a single new dollar for infrastructure.

Sign the petition demanding Congress pass a real infrastructure plan that invests in our country’s future – paid for by asking the richest 1% and wealthy corporations to pay their fair share.

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America needs a real infrastructure plan that creates millions of jobs investing in our roads, bridges, mass transit, schools, and energy systems. It should make our communities more livable, and help create an economy that works for everyone. And we can afford it, when the richest 1% and wealthy corporations start paying their fair share. Congress should reject Donald Trump’s proposal that will make working families pay more by shifting costs to states and local communities, while handing lucrative projects to Wall Street investors so they can charge us Trump Tolls.