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Johnson & Johnson, Cardinal Health, McKesson and AmerisourceBergen will each receive roughly $1 billion back from U.S. taxpayers when they file their corporate income taxes this year.

That’s because each is abusing tax loopholes created from the Trump-GOP tax scam and the March 2020 pandemic relief CARES Act.

Most of these tax breaks are due to language in the 2017 Trump-GOP tax scam that allows corporations to write-off settlements characterized as “restitution.” And no surprise, each corporation implicated in the opioid epidemic appears to have been successful using “restitution” language in their settlement agreements.

Additionally, a provision included in the CARES Act, allows corporations to apply losses from recent years against profits from earlier years, including years prior to 2018 when the corporate tax rate was two-thirds higher than it is now.

By applying the loss to those higher-taxed years and amending their prior-year tax returns, the drug corporations pocket bigger refunds then they would ordinarily be entitled to ― in this case increasing their taxpayer-funded credit by 40%.

The fact that huge corporations, which played a critical role in the tragic opioid epidemic, can write off the cost of their wrongdoing is unconscionable. Sign the petition demanding Congress immediately repeal these tax breaks for corporations that are literally getting away with murder.

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Stop pharmaceutical corporations who are responsible for the opioid epidemic from sticking U.S. taxpayers with the tab of their settlement. Close these corporate tax loopholes they are taking advantage of now.