Tell Disney CEO: Pay your workers a living wage

Disney CEO, Robert Iger

Every year, Walt Disney Co. profits tens of billions of dollars, including earnings directly from their Disney theme parks. The corporation even receives subsidies from the city of Anaheim at Disneyland in California. But their workers still aren't being paid a living wage.

Disneyland employees report that they struggle to make ends meet and pay for basic necessities as a result of pay cuts and low wages; two-thirds don’t have enough food to eat and 1 in 10 have recently been homeless. Meanwhile, Disney's CEO, Robert Iger, reportedly made over $36 million in 2017 alone, and over the next four years will make the same as 6,178 of his employees. Where is the justice?

Plus, thanks to the Trump-GOP tax cuts, Disney is raking in another $1.5 billion in profits this year but is sharing just one-tenth of that amount with its workers in one-time bonuses.

A coalition of workers and unions in Southern California have come together to propose a ballot measure that will raise wages for workers of hospitality businesses like Disney to $18 an hour by 2022. But profit-hungry local entities like the California Restaurant Association and the Anaheim Chamber of Commerce don't want this to pass. They're more concerned with generating revenue and future profits than they are with their workers' quality of life and eradicating income inequality.

Workers at the "happiest place on earth" deserve to earn livable wages that reflect how hard they work. And Disney's profits and anticipated $1.5 Billion in tax cuts annually are more than sufficient to provide much-needed wage hike to its employees. Sign now to demand that Disney CEO Robert Iger end the culture of greed and guarantee Disney workers a living wage.

Participating Organizations:
Americans for Tax Fairness
Coalition of Resort Labor Unions
Courage Campaign
Daily Kos
Democracy for America
Good Jobs Nation
Jobs with Justice
Million Hoodies Movement for Justice
National Employment Law Project
People Demanding Action
Progressive Change Campaign Committee
Progressive Congress Action Fund

To: Disney CEO, Robert Iger
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Workers are the backbone of Disney's theme parks, and they deserve to be paid fairly so they can afford a good quality of life. Disney's profits do not magically appear -- they're gained by the employees who work hard to ensure that visitors have a joyful experience. And these profits should be shared with the people who make them happen.

And now Disney is getting a $1.5 billion a year windfall from the Trump-GOP tax cuts. This is your opportunity to lead by example and do the just and moral thing for the workers who make Disney a special place to visit. Workers should not be forced to sleep in their cars because Disney pays them so little. They deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. They deserve a living wage.