Tell eBay and TCGPlayer: Stop Abusing Monopoly Power and Treat Sellers Fairly

eBay and TCGPlayer

Add your name to the petition to demand eBay and TCGPlayer take action to address our concerns and remedy their misconduct! Sellers deserve to be treated fairly. See our full letter here.

To: eBay and TCGPlayer
From: [Your Name]

We, sellers and Consumers on the TCGplayer platform, and concerned allies, demand that TCGplayer and eBay, its parent company, take the concerns outlined in this letter seriously and immediately take the following actions to remedy some of the company’s misconduct:

- Respect for Free Speech: Reinstate all seller accounts that were terminated in
response to a seller’s exercise of free speech, including instances where TCGplayer
shut down accounts in response to the account holder’s public expression of concerns about how the company treats its workers or support for the TCGunion.

- Freedom from Retaliation: Inform sellers that the company will not penalize or
retaliate against sellers for exercising free speech or selling on other platforms; and
that TCGplayer expressly permits the utilization of tools that comply with current
TCGplayer terms and conditions to sell on other platforms.

- Bargain in Good Faith with TCGunion: End eBay’s relationship with union-
busting law firm Littler Mendelson and commit to bargain fairly with TCGunion and
reach an agreement in a timely manner.

- Fair Treatment of Sellers: Stop taking its sellers for granted and ensure that
sellers have access to fair pricing, high-quality services, up-to-date technology and
tools, timely responses to requests for assistance, and due process before taking
adverse action with respect to any seller account.

We ask that eBay/TCGplayer meet our demands or respond to arrange a meeting to discuss the implementation of these commonsense remedies. If the company is not willing to be responsive to our concerns, we are prepared to take additional steps to seek assistance from elected officials and the relevant competition enforcement agencies.