Tell Emory University: End Painful, Invasive Experiments on Primates

Dr. Robert Nobles, Vice President of Research, Emory University

Documents and photos obtained by Rise for Animals show animal suffering and primate mistreatment at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia are getting worse.

Over 4,000 non-human primates—just like the one above, known only as “NM13” to her experimenters—are subjected to Emory’s clear lack of care and attention.

As you can see, NM13 was found with a deep, bloody gash in her thigh. Her wound was not reported by Emory staff, meaning if a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) inspector hadn’t been in the lab on that exact day, her suffering could have gone unchecked for weeks.

This kind of neglect is inexcusable. Yet after after a simple appeal, the USDA dismissed this violation. Clearly, Emory and the USDA cannot be trusted with caring for these primates.

Emory has a consistent track record of carelessness and we cannot let it continue. Please sign this petition to Robert Nobles, the Vice President of Research at Emory University, to tell him to phase out all primate research.

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To: Dr. Robert Nobles, Vice President of Research, Emory University
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Dr. Robert Nobles,

The pattern of neglect and repeated violations at Emory University's primate laboratory are unacceptable.

During a routine inspection in 2017, a monkey called "NM13" was found with an oozing, bloody gash. Another monkey was spotted that had lost 95 percent of its hair. None of this was reported by Emory staff. It wasn't even noted on their daily observations.

As you probably know, the USDA dismissed Emory's multiple violations, including the one tied to "NM13."

Emory's blatant disregard for the animals in their care is appalling. I'm writing in support of NEAVS to urge you to phase out all primate research and free monkeys like "NM13." It is the right thing to do.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.