Tell Gov. DeWine to Request Federal Disaster Declaration for East Palestine Train Spill

Gov. Mike DeWine, R-Ohio

In 2014, thousands of us joined together to warn the federal government that a disaster like the East Palestine train derailment/chemical spill could happen.

Now we are asking for your support to push DeWine to declare a federal emergency, pushing Biden to honor the declaration and send FEMA aid.

We need DeWine to overcome political concerns, think about the safety of our families, and work with the president to get us the emergency resources we need. Sign our petition to tell DeWine to take action now.

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To: Gov. Mike DeWine, R-Ohio
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As a nonpartisan 501c3 organization, we at River Valley Organizing are sick and tired of the politics being played while our lives are on the line. While the EPA tells us our air and water is clean, people are choking on chlorine gas and fish are popping up dead all over Columbiana County.

It's time to ask our President to declare a federal emergency. We have no idea the immediate and long term effects of this disaster. Vinyl Chloride is cancerous and has now been spread all over Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. People are displaced and distraught. We desperately need the help of FEMA for our hard working citizens and first responders.

The “controlled burn” was less than under control. Residents all over 4 counties reported to symptoms of nausea, shortness of breath, dizziness, and headaches. We were ordered to shelter in place while people were telling us everything is okay.

We are urging you, Governor, to declare a federal emergency. Stop the politics and protect a historically unprotected region. Call President Biden today.