Listen to the CLCPA & reject all of National Grid’s fracked gas pipelines and proposals

Governor Cuomo, Public Service Commission, and Department of Environmental Conservation

Last year, thanks to incredible grassroots organizing, both New York City and New York State passed groundbreaking climate legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The people have spoken, yet the Public Service Commission (PSC) and Governor Cuomo are handing our energy future over to the foreign owned corporate utility National Grid.  

National Grid behaves as if they think they don’t have to listen to climate science or obey climate law. They’ve been pushing for the Williams Pipeline and want to raise our monthly bills to build a fracked gas pipeline in North Brooklyn and to transport combustible gas through our communities by truck.

Please sign the petition below and join us in stopping the Williams Pipeline and National Grid’s other fracked gas proposals for good.

More background info:

New Yorkers have made it clear: we have rejected the Williams NESE fracked gas pipeline, but when New York State temporarily denied the pipeline permit in May, National Grid began holding customers hostage with a self-imposed moratorium falsely claiming gas shortages, despite reports clearly proving otherwise.

National Grid wants the Williams Pipeline because it delivers profits to their shareholders while locking ratepayers into decades of destructive fracked gas use — all a cynical ruse to protect their dying business model.

In November, Governor Cuomo heard us when we called out National Grid’s moratorium as a vicious political ploy to push for the pipeline. After he threatened to revoke National Grid’s license because they had offered us, the rate-payers, no alternatives, the PSC and the utility came to an “agreement” to lift the moratorium after the utility was fined $36 million in penalties and $7 million dollars to compensate people adversely affected by the moratorium.

Yet Cuomo has now handed the reins back to National Grid by allowing them to come up with short and long term plans to meet our energy needs. In the short term, National Grid is proposing to speed up construction of a controversial fracked gas pipeline through North Brooklyn and ship in liquified and compressed fracked gas by truck.

In the long term, National Grid will surely continue to push for the Williams pipeline.

National Grid is in the gas business but climate science and City and State climate law make it very clear that we need to get off of fracked gas to meet our greenhouse gas emission reduction goals. We can’t continue business as usual; we need New York to say no to fracked gas and fund renewable solutions instead!

To: Governor Cuomo, Public Service Commission, and Department of Environmental Conservation
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Governor Cuomo and Commissioner Rhodes,

New Yorkers have already made it very clear what we want our energy system to look like. Frontline communities fought hard to pass the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, and New Yorkers submitted tens of thousands of comments opposing the Williams NESE fracked gas pipeline.

But now National Grid, a corporate gas utility that unethically pushed for the Williams Pipeline and has zero incentive to develop renewables, is in charge of coming up with short term and long term plans for our energy needs.

As part of their current bid to increase rates for New Yorkers, National Grid proposed speeding up construction of a controversial fracked gas pipeline through North Brooklyn and shipping in dangerous liquified and compressed gas by truck as short term solutions.

Clearly, National Grid is trying to save a dying business model at any cost. Their proposed pipelines will soon become stranded assets, leaving low- to middle-income New Yorkers to foot the bill as more wealthy New Yorkers buy renewable options for their own homes.

As ratepayers, we demand that climate science, climate justice, and climate law be the cornerstone of any plan put forth by National Grid and approved by the PSC. That means:

-No Williams NESE fracked gas pipeline
-No North Brooklyn Pipeline as a short term solution
-No LNG or CNG trucked in through our communities as a short term solution
-Funding renewable heating solutions like geothermal, heat pumps, beneficial electrification, energy efficiency, and workforce development now.