Tell Governor Newsom: #SupportDontDeport, Pardon Tin Nguyen!

Governor Gavin Newsom


Tin Nguyen is a beloved community member and the Immigrant Justice Coordinator at VietRISE. After being incarcerated for over 22 years and detained by ICE for 10 months upon earning his release from prison, Tin faces deportation to Viet Nam.

This campaign seeks to obtain a #Pardon4Tin from Governor Newsom to prevent Tin's deportation to a country he has not known since his youth. Governor Newsom must pardon Tin to combat family separation and ensure Tin can remain alongside his family, community, and loved ones. Numerous support letters from community members, activists, and groups across the state and country have been submitted, advocating for Tin's continued presence in the U.S. with his family and community.

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As a Vietnamese refugee in the early 80s, Tin’s childhood in Pomona, California wasn’t easy. He faced racial prejudice and bullying, and lived in constant fear at home due to an abusive father who struggled to adapt to his new life in America. As a teenager, seeking solace and a sense of belonging, he found himself drawn to the streets—a path similar to many other Southeast Asian refugee youth. It was there that he discovered a gang that provided him with a warped sense of safety and the love he yearned for. Unbeknownst to him when he initially joined, this path eventually led him down a dark road of drugs, crime, and violence. In 1996, he made a terrible choice that took the life of an innocent man during a robbery. It was a horrific crime that he deeply regrets. As a consequence of his actions, he was sentenced to Life Without the Possibility of Parole (LWOP).

During his time in prison, Tin secured a commutation from Governor Brown, transforming his LWOP sentence into a chance for a new beginning. After enduring over two decades behind bars and a grueling 10 months in ICE detention, Tin was finally granted his freedom on September 28th, 2020. The overwhelming rush of freedom and purpose was indescribable for Tin. His eagerness to reunite with his family and grasp the new opportunities before him was immense. During his initial parole months, Tin engaged in Transitional Housing through Action Sober Living, devoted time to Paws For Life – K9 Rescue, and supported the student body at Cal State LA. by championing COVID-19 vaccination awareness.In 2023, he graduated from Cal State LA with Summa Cum Laude honors in Business Administration.

Tin then settled into an Orange County home, serving as a consultant at Cal State LA’s Center of Engagement of Public Good and Service. His dedication to Paws For Life led him to launch a dog boarding and training business, collaborating with rescues like It’s Yogi House and Zeppre Rescue. Tin also continued to pursue higher education and obtained an MBA from Cal State LA this year. He leads a purposeful and intentional life with his family, friends, and community, supported by Cal State LA, VietRISE, Orange County Justice Fund, and many loved ones. Presently, Tin guides others who have been recently released from prison through successful reentry as the Immigrant Justice Coordinator at VietRISE and helps shape a brighter future with others through policy advocacy.

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Garden Grove, CA

To: Governor Gavin Newsom
From: [Your Name]

I hope this letter finds you well. My name is [Your Name], and I represent [Your Organization/City]. I am writing to urgently request Governor Newsom's consideration for the pardon of Tin Tri Nguyen, a Vietnamese refugee.

Mr. Nguyen's journey has been one of remarkable transformation. Having spent over two decades in prison and enduring 10 months in ICE detention, he emerged with unwavering determination to rebuild his life. Since his release, he has not only earned academic degrees but has also generously volunteered his time to contribute positively to his community. His dedication extends beyond personal growth – he has become an integral part of our community and a devoted caretaker for his family.

Granting Mr. Nguyen a pardon would not only honor his incredible journey of self-improvement but would also exemplify a strong commitment to family unity. We firmly believe that his continued presence in our community is vital, and a pardon would reflect our shared values of compassion and second chances.

I respectfully urge you to consider this request for a pardon for Tin Tri Nguyen. Your support would make a profound difference in his life and demonstrate the unwavering commitment to justice and family reunification that our community holds dear. Thank you for your time and consideration.