Tell Henry McMaster No Bans on Our Bodies!

Governor Henry McMaster

Bodily autonomy and reproductive freedom is being threatened across the country, but especially at home here in South Carolina. Recently Governor McMaster has stated that if and/or when SCOTUS overturns Roe v. Wade, he plans to go all the way in banning abortion with no exceptions for rape, incest, or health concerns -- typically referred to as the health of the mother.

There are multiple anti abortion bills sitting in the legislature right now, that have the potential to pass before the legislative session ends on May 12th, and if the don't McMaster has stated he would call SC lawmakers back into session to get it done. While these bills are problematic in a number of ways, one thing that is especially heinous in a state that recently brought back the firing squad as a means of execution, is the little detail in these bills that state "A person convicted of performing or inducing an abortion must be punished in the same manner as provided in section 16-3-20.

Section 16-3-20 states "Punishment for murder; separate sentencing proceeding when death penalty sought.

(A) A person who is convicted of or pleads guilty to murder must be punished by death, or by a mandatory minimum term of imprisonment for thirty years to life. If the State seeks the death penalty and a statutory aggravating circumstance is found beyond a reasonable doubt pursuant to subsections (B) and (C), and a recommendation of death is not made, the trial judge must impose a sentence of life imprisonment."

These bills, and McMaster's plans are inhumane and violate the right to bodily autonomy. Stand with us today and let our lawmakers know that abortion has bipartisan support, and we don't need their laws on our bodies.

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Reproductive freedom is not up for grabs. The majority of South Carolinians support the right to an abortion, and I am one of them.