Tell ICE: Jeanette Belongs Here!

Immigration and Customs Enforcement

“Seeing what happened to Guadalupe made me concerned for my own children,” – Jeanette

ICE deported Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos, a mother of two, from Phoenix, Arizona after a routine check-in last week. Faced with her own routine ICE check-in, Jeanette made the difficult decision to seek refuge at a Denver church rather than expose her family to the dangers of Trump’s immigration agents.

For two decades, Jeanette has made her home in Colorado, raising her children, Luna, Roberto, and Zury while working as a house cleaner and janitor, caring for her husband as he battled cancer, and standing up for the rights of workers and immigrant families in her community. She’s not letting Trump’s ICE agents steal all of that away as part of their campaign to spread fear and hatefulness.  

Jeannette deserves her freedom. We demand that ICE stop her deportation so that she and her children can return home in peace.

Guadalupe’s deportation and the home and workplace raids that have torn our communities apart are part of Trump’s effort to spread fear across immigrant communities nationwide. Jeanette’s stand is part of our movement’s growing national opposition. and commitment to protect our families and neighbors.

Jeanette was recently recognized by Time Magazine as one of 2017's most influential people. By making the difficult choice to keep her family together by taking sanctuary in a church, Jeanette is an inspiration to us all.

Fight back. Stand with Jeanette.

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We demand that the Office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement renew the stay or close Jeanette Vizguerra’s (A# 089-826-036) case immediately. Jeanette is a mother and community leader. She has a pending U Visa application and she should be able to remain in her community with her young children.