Tell Kern County Board of Supervisors: We oppose your “Anti-Camping” ordinance!

Kern County Board of Supervisors

Homelessness shouldn’t be a crime in Kern County. But right now, the Board of Supervisors is considering an “anti-camping” ordinance that would make it illegal for our unhoused neighbors to exist in public space.

Before the public hearing on November 9th, we need to let our supervisors know that we won’t allow them to criminalize our neighbors simply for surviving in our community.

Will you add your name to immediately send a email to the Kern County Board of Supervisors letting them know your opposition to this ordinance?

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To: Kern County Board of Supervisors
From: [Your Name]

Dear Kern County Board of Supervisors,

Homelessness shouldn’t be a crime in our Kern County, and I’m urging you to oppose the “anti-camping” ordinance.

Right now, our county has far too few shelters, transitional housing, and affordable homes to serve our residents. When it comes to the services that our county does offer, many are not truly accessible to our unhoused neighbors.

As the Board of Supervisors, you should be investing in more accessible, affordable housing for our community, not using funds from the American Rescue Plan Act to give the greenlight to further harass and criminalize our houseless neighbors while taking away their shelter.

Please vote no on the “anti-camping” ordinance.