Tell Loyola That Students Won't Be Silenced

President John Pelissero

Last November, students from Loyola University Chicago organized a demonstration in solidarity with Loyola dining hall workers, who are struggling for a better contract. Following the demonstration, students brought their concerns regarding these injustices to Aramark executives on campus. In response to the peaceful delegation, the Loyola administration is now targeting four student organizers with charges of harassment/bullying, disruption, and disorderly conduct. Please join us in calling on the Loyola administration to drop these unjust charges by signing the petition below.

To: President John Pelissero
From: [Your Name]

I am alarmed to hear that four student leaders at Loyola University Chicago are facing disciplinary charges for peacefully taking a stand for social justice on campus.

I understand that workers have been struggling to negotiate with Aramark, the food service provider on campus, for a living wage, free healthcare, and protections for immigrant workers. These working conditions are a blatant violation of Loyola’s stated social justice mission, and students took admirable action to support fair treatment for all members of the Loyola campus community.

Peaceful demonstration is a core tradition of Catholic social teaching. At a flagship Jesuit institution such as Loyola, students should not be discouraged from peacefully expressing their concerns for justice on campus. I urge you to immediately drop the charges against all four students, and support freedom of speech for students and workers on campus.