Tell McDonald’s to stop devastating the lives of people and the planet

Steve Easterbrook, CEO of McDonald's

Our food system is broken. Instead of nourishing us, our food is making us sick. And McDonald's is at the rotten core of that broken system.

As we head toward McDonald's shareholders' meeting on May 24, urge their corporate executives to stop abusive practices that are harming people and the planet. Sign now!

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To: Steve Easterbrook, CEO of McDonald's
From: [Your Name]

Dear CEO Easterbrook,

I am writing to urge you to stop practices that are devastating the lives of people and the planet. It's time for McDonald's to stop:

-- Predatory marketing of junk food to children, particularly through McTeacher's Nights, Ronald McDonald, and toys in Happy Meals.
-- Keeping your workers and their families in poverty by paying poverty wages and denying benefits to workers.
-- Poisoning children, farm workers, and rural communities with pesticides from the potatoes grown for your products.
-- Pushing your agenda through trade groups like the National Restaurant Association (the other NRA), particularly on the subminimum wage, which undermines workers' rights and exacerbates sexual harassment in restaurants.

While your corporation claims to care about children and its workers, in reality it has a devastating impact on people and the planet. People across the country are paying attention and see through your corporate spin. If you are serious about change, it's time to walk the walk. Doubling down on marketing to children, fighting employees' demands for fair wages and a union, and pushing policies that hurt working families through the other NRA (like the recently-defeated tip stealing rule proposed by the Department of Labor) are devastating people's lives and the planet.