Tell Meta: Stop Violating Our Privacy


Tell Meta: Stop Violating Our Privacy

In just a matter of days, Threads, Twitter’s newest competitor, boomed with 100 million users. The app from Meta claims it is the most rapidly downloaded app ever, growing so quickly that some privacy concerns have seemingly been overlooked.

Just how much data and information does the app collect? Turns out, it’s a lot.

Just like its other platforms, Instagram and Facebook, Threads can and will collect a lot of data on its users. That can include sensitive information such as health and fitness data, financial information, and location and browsing history — just to name a few. And according to Thread’s privacy policy, it also has access to GPS location, cameras, photos, IP information, Bluetooth signals, nearby Wi-Fi access points, and cell towers.

Collecting information like this is not only a violation of privacy but potentially dangerous for a company such as Meta to have.

To: Meta
From: [Your Name]

I urge you to stop violating Threads users’ privacy immediately.