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Washington State Senate


Do you value your vote? 

Our democracy is strongest when every vote is counted and every voice is heard. It is our duty to modernize our voting systems so everyone can exercise their civic responsibility to vote.

The integrity of our voting system is at risk. Too many voters are prevented from casting their ballots because of an outdated voting system. With so much money influencing politics in our state and country, the least we can do is ensure that every person’s vote will count.

Despite this, the Washington State Senate failed to take action on three bills to expand and modernize voter registration.

  • SB 6379/HB 2682 would automatically register eligible citizens to vote
  • SB 6340/HB 2707 would expand opportunities for 17 year olds to pre-register to vote
  • SB 5527/HB 1428 would move our voter registration deadline closer to Election Day

Voter turnout is at record lows and we should be advancing our voter registration system, not keeping it behind.

We can do better. 

Sign now to tell your Senator to value our votes and protect the integrity of our democracy by modernizing our voter registration system.

If you'd like to stay updated on voting justice issues via text messages, please text VOTING to 864237 for occasional updates and actions.

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To: Washington State Senate
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Washingtonians agree: We must protect the integrity of our voting system and ensure all eligible votes are counted.

We the undersigned, are disappointed that you did not advance bipartisan legislation to modernize our voter registration system. Passing automatic voter registration (SB 6379), extending the voter registration deadline (SB 5527), and allowing 17 year olds to pre-register to vote (SB 6340) are key reforms that would save taxpayer money, make voting more secure, and ensure every voice is heard.

Voting is the cornerstone of our democracy. We will be watching and waiting for you to work across the aisle and find solutions to modernizing our voter registration system.

Thank you.